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on Earth as it is in Heaven


Our Leaders

Living Fountain is led by Amy and Chip Aker. With over three decades of ministry behind them, they passionately pursue connecting people to God. This passion has led Amy to gather a team to reignite connection with the Lord through the Sozo ministry.

Amy carries a gentleness and authenticity that is absolutely disarming. Her ability to lead people through hearing the voice of Holy Spirit will leave you feeling joy, peace and true identity like you have never experienced before. 

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Beliefs and Values

We exist to create a tangible and sustainable expression of revival: locally, regionally and globally. 





We believe in the principal of spiritual fathers (1 Cor. 4:15) and the concept of spiritual inheritance. As such we seek to align our ministry efforts with spiritual fathers who can impart to us and those who participate the things that they have earned (that which could serve as an inheritance for us). These "fathers" also play a role of accountability for the practices and beliefs we seek to live out

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